07 Jun 2023

World Environmental Day Celebration – 2023

Department of PG and PhD studies in DravyagunaVijnana in collaboration with Campus enrichment committee celebrated World Environment Day – 2023 on 05-06-2023 with the theme Solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign Beat plastic pollution.

The Programme was inaugurated by planting Amalaki Sapling by The Chief Guest Mr Vasudev Gadiyar and other dignitaries of the event.

President of the function Dr. Mamatha K V, Principal, SDM college of Ayurveda Udupi, stated the importance of tree conservation and avoiding use and throw materials like plastic bottles, covers etc. She stated not to use tissue papers as trees are cut down for the production of tissue paper. She concluded by saying make plastic free campus by picking plastics by each individual. The stage was shared by the dignitaries Dr.Nagaraj.SMedical superintendent, SDM Ayurveda Hospital, Udupi, Dr.VidyaBallal, Dean, Campus enrichment committee, Dr.Shrikanth P, Professor &Head,Dept of Dravyaguna , SDMCA, Udupi

Chief Guest of the programme was Mr Vasudev Gadiyar, Proprietor of Upavana Nursery Indrali, &Mrs Poornima, Biology Lecturer& co founder of upavana nursery.Guestsenlightened the students by speaking on the topic “Tree transplantation techniques”. They discussed history of plant transplantation, relocating a plant or tree from one site to another and different methods followed along with benefits of tree transplantation. Iyear Jnr BAMS students presented a Skit on the title beat plastic pollution. The whole college campus was cleaned by Iyearjnr&III BAMS Students on behalf of SwachataAbhiyana Campaign under the Guidance of Dr.Mohammed Faisal &Dr.Shrikanth.P.

Dr Suma V Mallya, Associate professor Dept. of Dravyaguna, Associate dean Campus enrichment committee welcomed the audience. Dr. S.R. Moharer, Professor& HOD Dept. of Kriya sharira, Associate dean Campus enrichment committee concluded the program with vote of thanks. Master of ceremony was done by Shravya III BAMS.  The whole programme was co-ordinated by Dr.Ravikrishna, Dr.Thejaswi N, Dr.Poornima.A.

All I Yr(jnr), III Yr BAMS students and Dravyaguna PG scholars participated actively in the seminar including faculty members.