Mission & Vision


The main aim of Ayurveda is maintanance of health in a healthy individuals and  to treat the disease in a patient. Both these aims of Ayurveda are acheived through Panchakarma.


Pancha karma is a unique bio purificatory therapies discribed in Ayurveda through which almost all the disorders mentioned in ashtanga (different branches) of Ayurveda can be treated

Services Provided

Vamana (Emisis therapy) – where the selected drug is priscribed in a specific dose to induce emisis whereby morbid kapha dosha is eliminated.

Virechana (Purgation therapy) : where the selected drug is priscribed in a specific dose to induce purgation whereby morbid pitta dosha is eliminated.

Asthapana basti  (Decoction enema): In this procedure, the selected drugs  in a specific dose is mixed in a specific order and administered through the rectal route. This is for the treatment of vata, pitta and kapha dosha.

Anuvasana basti: (Unctuous enema): Where the selected oil or ghee is administered through the rectal route to treat vata dosha.

Both these enemas are administered together in a specific course ranging from 8 days to 30 days. In our hospital, as per classics we practice more than 50 types of bastis in different conditions with maximum benifits in a short period. Through these Bastis, we can treat almost all the disordrs  with maximum benifits.

Nasya : Where the selected drug in a specific dose is instilled through the nostrills. This is mainly for the treatment of vata, pitta and kapha dosha when vitiated above the clavicle.

These five treatments are adviced after the thorough examination of the patient for his/her fitness and preparing the body through internal and external oliation therapy, sudation thrapy for specific days.

Some of the adjuvant thrapies related with Panchakarma:-

Abhyanga: Massaging the patient’s body with a specific lukewarm oil. Useful in maintanance of health, for treating vata, persons who are prone for vata vitiation like regular travelling, exces walking, carrying heavy loads and so on. Useful even in sleeplessness, bodyache, degenerative conditions.

Paadabhyanga: Massaging to both the feet with specific lukewarm oil. Best for the treatment of diseases of foot like cracked foot, painful foot. Good for sleep and eyes.

Shiroabhyanga: Massaging the scalp and hair with lukewarm specific oil. Useful in treating diseases related to hair, scalp. Good for inducing sleep, nourishes the head and neck part.

Shirodhara: Here the selected lukewarm liquid like decoction, oil, ghee, milk are made to flow in a uniform stream from a specific height over the forehead. Good for the treatment of disorder related to head, neurodegenerative diseaes, hypertention, sleeplessness,

anxiety, stress, difficulty in speech. Even useful in healthy persons.

Shirobasti: Here a cap is fixed over the scalp and the gap is sealed. Specific lukewarm oil is filled inside the cap and retained for a specific duration. Best for the treatment of  neurologial disordes related to head like hemiplegia, facial nerve palsy. Different headaches, some of the pschcological disorders are also treated by this.

Pizichill: Here the specific lukewarm oil is poured over the patient’s body from a specific height. Best advised for neurological, musculoskeletal disorders, Chronic vata diseases, and even healthy persons who are prone for vata agravation.

Pinda sweda: where the selected drugs are boiled and tied into a bolus form (pinda) and used for sudation. Commonly used drugs are Rice, wheat, greengram, Blackgram, horsegram, sesame.

Valuka, lavana sweda: Here heated sand or Rock salt is tied into a bolus form (pinda) and used for sudation. Useful for acute musculoskeletal diseases like rhematoid arthitis, spondylosis.

Snigdha patrapinda sweda: Different leaves with other specific drug are fried and tied into a bolus form (pinda) and used for sudation. Useful in different neurological disorders, degenerative disorders, musculoskeletal disorder.

Nadi sweda: Here the decoction of specific roots, leaves are boiled and the steam is used for the sudation. Useful in muscular pains, contractures, spasams, stiffness.

Parisheka sweda: The decoction prepared out of specific roots, leaves or oil, milk etc are poured over the patients body in a uniform stream from a specific height. Useful in Skin diseases, neuro muscular diseases,  vascular diseases, acute joint diseaes with pain, swelling, stiffness.

Avagaha sweda: Here patient is made to sit or lie down in a tub filled with specific decocion, oil or milk. Useful in neuro muscular degenerative diseases pertaining to hip or bellow hip region.

Bashpa sweda: Here paiteint is made to sit or liedown in a steam chamber. Useful in Neuro muscular disorders, before purificatory therapies.

Udwartana and Utsadana: Powders or pastes of specific drugs are rubbed over the body in a specific direction. Used for treating mainly obesity and those who wish to have glowing skin

Katibasti, Greevabasti: A ring made of blackgram powder is fixed over a specific area and specific lukewarm oil is filled inside it. Constant temperature is maintained. Useful in degenerative, and musculokeletal disorders related to the spine.

Upanaha: Mixture of  specific  drug are made into paste form and lukewarm paste is applied over the affected area and tied using vata pecifiing leaves. Useful in degenerative joints, area with contractures, swellings.

Taladharana: Different drug are made into a paste form and applied over the head. It is tied with specific leaf and made to retain for a stipulated period. Useful in hypertention, sleeplessnes, neurological disorders.

Dhoomapana:Here medicated smoke is made to inhale with the help of a instrument. Useful in teating some of the respiratory disorders, ENT complaints.

Jalaukavacharana: The non poisonous leaches are applied over the affected area to suck the vitiated blood. Best used for local skin lesions, joint sweling, pimples.