Mission & Vision


  • To create well versed/trained Ayurveda visha vaidyas, so that they can treat needy people.
  • To generate good Forensic science & Medical Jurisprudence experts in the field of Ayurveda to regulate and handle legal issues and medical laws.
  • To do detailed & Comprehensive research on Visha dravyas, Antidotes, Treatment modalities of Sthavara & Jangama vishas and all the concepts of Agadatantra


The Agadatantra department seeks to provide excellent theory, clinical & practical education and exposure with a view to shaping efficient teachers, physicians and researchers in the field of Agadatantra, who are intellectual, morally upright and socially sensitive.

Services provided

  • Simulators for demonstration of gastric lavage ; endotracheal intubation
  • P.D postings. Clinical orientation classes for 1st year post graduate
  • Field visits were in different visha vaidyas will be visited
  • One month P.G postings to papensiary visha Kendra
  • 15 days P.G postings to S.D.M Medical college Dharwad to undergo Postmortem training and clinical toxicology
  • One week Court Postings to observe medico legal cases
  • Postings in Research lab to undergo training for taxonomic validation of different plant mentioned in toxicology
  • Trained under Pharamaco vigilance committee
  • Preparation of few ayurvedic formulation which are used in poisoning cases
  • Basic test carried out to identify adulterants in food