Mission & Vision


  • “Naasti Dravyam Anoushadham” ,there is no such drug which cannot be considered as a medicine
  • To become a centre of excellence and  to sculpt, proficient  and  erudite physicians through quality education and research.


  • Fostering an environment designed to conduct research on new drugs and revalidate classical drugs and hence improve the safety and efficacy of the drug
  • Initiating and supporting conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants
  • Mentoring and training students to enhance their professional skills
  • To achieve recognition ,excellency in academics,clinical fields, research and development

Services provided

To give qualitative and value based teaching and training to UG, PG and PhD scholars, the department of Dravyaguna has below facilities.

Faculty : There are five qualified and experienced staff in the  departments for U.G , PG, & PhD  courses as per norms of CCIM according to admission intake.

PG intake– There is provision for admission of six scholars per year for Post Graduation study in the department.

PhD section has provision for intake of six scholars for doing research works leading to PhD.

Department Library: Library is  provided with 180 books pertaining to dravyaguna, botany, and other allied field  for better utility to the students.

Herb Garden : The Institution has well maintained Herb garden with more than 250 species of medicinal plants including rare species for practical demonstration to students. The area is about 7 acres and comprises around 2,500 medicinal plants. The different vanas like Rajavana, Abhayavana, Amrutavana, Charakavana, Susrutavana  are maintained with specific theme plants.

The department organizes field visits to nearby biodiversity floras like Karje, Hebri, Shobhavana, Pilikula.

DG MuseumIn the museum more than 400 wet and dry specimens, three models, 80 charts are displayed for the use of students.

Laboratory– the department is provided with spacious laboratory with all needy equipments like, microscopes, reagents, glass wares etc. In addition the students are exposed to different kinds of analytical tests at different labs of our research center which is adjacent to Dept lab.

Awareness programmeDepartment is regularly conducting awareness programs on conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants ,home remedies etc to students and public.