Mission & Vision


  • To render an educational service to the general public regarding psychiatric illness.
  • To promote social and recreational activities for all psychiatric patients.


  • Promoting and advancing the clinical practice of  Psychiatry.
  • Promoting and advancing education and research in the field of Psychiatry and mental health.
  • Promoting and advocating the professional needs of psychiatrist and other mental health professionals.
  • Promoting and advocating the needs of persons suffering from mental disorders and protecting their right

Services Provided

  • Stress is the byproduct of the current compitent and fast life, which will hammer the persons ability to lead a healthy mental life to its knees. Such conditions are well handled by the specialists of the department by various tratment modalitites , Medhya Rasayana chikitsa, A unique preparation in various lingering psychiatric disorders viz unmada(unipolar/Bipolar Mood Disorders), Apasmara (functional epilepsy) and other such illness.
  • Department of Manasa roga also provide santvana chikitsa and Harshana chikitsa which is an add on to the Rasayna Chikitsa.
  • This is the era of educated beings where every one wants to be at the top,The younger generation in the urge of the same are put to multitude situation where keeping up with everything becomes difficult , its like cups are being over filled knowledge. This situation is well taken care by the unique preparations of the SDM ayurveda Pharmacy provided by the department.
  • Advancing age may take many thing away from individual one among them is memory, ability to think and reasoning which will be compromised in condition like dementia, is best treated by the Vyadhihara Rasayana which is a speciality of this department.