Mission & Vision


To establish the principles of Shalyatantra in a scientific, safe and effective manner in view of modern scientific medical knowledge


  • To establish a centre of excellence in the management of Ano-rectal diseases for the popularization of Kshara karma and kshara sutra treatments.
  • To establish a Pain clinic for the management of various musculo-skeletal disorders through Agnikarma.
  • Effective management of various cases of non-healing, chronic infected ulcers by the principles laid down in Shashtiupakrama.
  • To establish Jalukavacharana for the effective management of ulcers, skin diseases and gangrene.
  • To establish Gastroscopy as a diagnostic tool and a tool for assessing the therapeutic efficacy of various Ayurvedic formulation in the management of Acid-Peptic disorders.

Services Provided

Operation Theatres (O.T.) :

  • Well equipped O.T is available for posted surgeries
  • On-call Anaesthetists for various surgeries
  • Well equipped Paramedical staff

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy:  for the diagnosis of various diseases and also a tool for the assessment of various therapies done in the hospital

OPD: 3 well equipped OPD specialized for the consultation of patients of general surgical diseases, Ano-rectal diseases and Colo-Rectal diseases

Minor OT:

  • Well-equipped Minor OT for management of Traumatic wounds
  • Equipped for daily dressing of wounds
  • For conduction of Agnikarma and Jalukavacharana

Departmental Offices:

  • Department Museum
  • Laboratory for preparation of various Kshara sutra
  • Facilities like Library for students and staff
  • Seminar Room with well equipped electronic gadgets are available for ongoing Post-Graduate teaching and training
  • Mannequins for training Post-Graduate and Undergraduate students in various surgical skills like suturing, bandaging, IV and IM injections, Catheterizations, P/R examinations etc