About the college

SDM College of Ayurveda has come a long way in 60 Years, and so have the people who began the task of elucidating this noble cause. The institution is dedicated to propagate Ayurveda and it is providing world class service to the needy. Throughout its journey, the institution has supported researchers in academic and clinical field, enabling interest in Ayurveda research and development. We have succeeded in bringing out qualified and expert doctors for the service of mankind.

S.D.M. College of Ayurveda is represents the best of traditional knowledge and contemporary excellence, managed by SDME Society ®, Ujire. Rev. Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala and the President of S.D.M. Educational Society is the inspiration behind the success of the College, with his commitment to human welfare and social development through Education. Ever since 65 years of inception, the institution has rendered yeomen service to the public by providing health care, as well as to the students a qualitative value based Ayurveda education.

  • Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda formerly known as Udupi Ayurveda College Started with 20 students and 10 teaching staff.
  • Inaugurated by Swamiji of Puttige Mutt, Sri SujnanedraTheerthaSwamiji on 01-07-1958
  • On 01-09-1963 Udupi Ayurveda College shifted to Valakadu. Dr.GundacharyaSavanoor served as Principal.
  • 18-11-1968 – College foundation was laid by Dr. M.C. Modi at Kuthpady, Udupi.


The vision of the institute is ‘Vyadhehe Tattva Parijnanam mythrikarunyam’ (Evidence based knowledge of the disease, goodwill and compassion towards the suffering).


To achieve the vision, institute has framed following mission statements.

  • Establishment of the facts of the disease through evidences.
  • Thorough training of students by efforts of regular practice of ayurveda & interaction by utilizing current information of Medicine.
  • To create an integrated system that meets the higher education needs of the region and community at large.
  • To be efficient, effective, community acceptable and excel in education and service. To reach the unreached and serve the underserved with education.
  • To be an active component of national educational system.

Our President

Dharmaadhikari, Reformer, Educationist, Philosopher and Philanthropist, Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade is a multidimensional personality. What truly defines Dr. Heggade’s contribution is his determined and consistent service to the nation. As the president of the SDME Society, he is the guiding spirit and driving force behind the institution. Most importantly, he has shown that one individual has the potential to change and evolve himself as a social reformer in a nation of one billion. And rightfully, Dr. Veerendra Heggade was awarded the second highest civilian award of India, Padma Vibhushan in 2015.

Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala is the encompassing force sustaining all SDM institutions, social initiatives and organisations.

For more details visit : www.veerendraheggade.com

about Dharmasthala

Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala is the encompassing force sustaining all SDM institutions, social initiatives and organisations; validated by the evident fact that all initiatives of the shrine are named after Lord Manjunatha, the presiding deity. For 800 years, the shrine and the Manjunatha Swamy legacy has facilitated the thriving of Dharmasthala and lately the SDM institutions as well.

The temple town of Dharmasthala that fosters multiple faiths under the watchful eye of Lord Manjunatha is a pilgrimage, an attraction and a spiritual healing centre, keeping intact the values and ideals of institutions functioning under the guidance of the Dharmadhikari.


For more details visit : www.shridharmasthala.org/

From Principal’s Desk


Dr. Mamatha K.V. MS (Ayu) PhD, Diploma Yoga

The practice of medicine has changed in significant ways since last century. It was faith that pa-tients keep on the doctor that he will heal any illness. So as the responsibility of the doctor to diag-nose the illness and if possible treat it or referred to the center where it can be effectively managed or cured. Now in the era of evidence based medicine the relationship is loosing the element of faith and further advent of the internet has taken the information exchange to the next level where in people try to self diagnose and treat it. If continued can cause chaos. But the system of Ayurveda has not changed even after thousands of year. The methodology of diagnosis and treatment and understanding has remained serene and intact since ages. Only to add the evidence based medicine has been incorporated and made effective for the understanding and the acceptance of the society.

The understanding if this ancient science added with evidence based medicine with modernised touch is what we practise and preach in our campus. SDM Ayurveda College, udupi is catering the health services with highest standards since last seven decades. Not only providing health service but also one of the finest institute across the globe in providing quality education and practical knowledge which makes the students of ayurveda here confident practitioners as well as fine teach-ers who can provide the best service to the society. Our campus has all the facilities that are required for a student to have best knowledge such as research facility, herbal garden, pharmacy. Apart form the academics student also get opportunities to develop their personality with various curricular, co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities which are carried out periodically. Thus this insti-tute is a model institute which is dedicated to preach and practice of ayurveda


Prof. S. Prabhakar
Vice - President

Prof. S. Prabhakar

Sri D. Surendra Kumar
Vice - President

Sri D. Surendra Kumar

Sri Shreyas Kumar
Director (Projects)

Sri Shreyas Kumar

Our Governing Body

Dr. D. VeerendraHeggade President
Prof. S. Prabhakar Vice – President
Sri D. Surendra Kumar Vice – President
Prof N Vajra Kumar Vice – President
Sri D. Harshendra Kumar Secretary
Dr. B. Yashovarma Secretary
Sri Shreyas Kumar Projects Director
Dr Mamatha K.V Member
Dr Nagaraj S Member
Dr Vidyalakshmi K Member
Dr Niranjan Rao Member
Dr PrathvirajPuranik Member
Dr S.R.Moharer Member
Dr Shrikanth P Member
Dr Shrilatha Kamath Member
Dr Krishnamurthy N Member
Dr Rajneesh V Giri Member
Dr RavindraAngadi Member
Dr Chaithra Member