Mission & Vision


  • Making a disease free woman population highly competent, happy, professional and productive
  • Pre-conceptional care in ayurveda & Developing the Ayurvedic perspective of fetal medicine –care of fetus before fertilization by preparing, monitoring and treating the couple and developing the treatment protocols to address the fetal pathology
  • Considering the Fetus as a conscious filled biological mass and communicating it by yoga, Pranayama  and music therapy to tune it as a perfect future   citizen


  • Adressing the immunological and infective pathology of genital tract local treatment methods like yonipichu, prakshalana, varti , dhoopana,yonipurana and abhyanga.
  • Accumulation of morbid doshas in male and female body, their psychology and emotions  hinders the fertile capacity, thorough purification of these elements by different eliminative procedures is virtue of ayurvedic approach towards infertility.
  • Addressing the immunological component of  fetus , garbharasayana in compromised babies of mothers with HTN,diabetes and asthama.
  • Garbhasthapana by various methods in cases of repeated abortion  ,early abortion,and idiopathic IUD s.
  • Garbhini rasayana in pregnant women afflicted  with various infection including HIV,PID,existing PCOD and endometriois.
  • A traditional puerperal care to rejuvinate mother to normal healthy fit women by special procedures expained in soothika paricharya.
  • Proudha rasayana  vidhi in perimenopausal  women ,nitya rasayan as a part of palliative treatment in carcinoma.
  • Various conditions like hyperplasia and hypertrophy which may turn in to malignant conditions are being addressed by different local treatment methods like pichu etc..& kshara karma


Operation Theatres (O.T.) :- O.T is available for Routine & Emergency  Obstetrics , Gynaecology , work.Minor Procedures .Operation theatres are well equipped with facilities  like Neonatal care.

Labour Room:-It is constituted by Well Equipped separate Ante-Partum , Intra-Partum , Post –Partum area associated with Separate Neonatal Resuscitation area.

 OPD:-The Antenatal Care OPD is run daily with special attention to manage even Risk Pregnancies. Specialty clinics include Infertility, Adolescent, Cancer, Family Welfare & Menopause clinics

Post Natal services with advice on Family planning methods is routinely done.

Infertility services include –Follicular study with TAS & IUI , HSG .Routine screening for cervical cancer with Pap Smear.Menopause clinic with screening for Breast Cancer is available.