M D / M S (Ayurveda)

M D / M S (Ayurveda) in 13 specialties. The duration of the course is 3 years.
  • MD (Ayurveda)
    • Ayurveda Samhita and Siddhanta
    • Rachana Sharira
    • Dravyaguna Vigyana
    • Rasashastra & Bhaishajyakalpana
    • Kaumarabhritya
    • Swasthavritta   & Yoga
    • Kayachikitsa
    • Mano Vigyan Avum Manasa Roga
    • RoganidanAvumVikritiVigyan
    • Panchakarma
    • Agada Tantra AvumVidhiVigyan
  • MS (Ayurveda)
    • Shalya Tantra
    • Prasutitantra & Striroga

Eligibility for Admission

  • A person possessing the degree in Ayurveda of a University or Board or Medicine institution specified in the Second Schedule to the Act shall be eligible for admission in the Post-Graduate degree course.
  • The University or any other Committee to be constituted by Government concerned shall conduct the admission process.
  • Selection of candidates shall be made strictly on the basis of final merit index calculated out of 100 Marks based on written test.
  • The written test of 100 Marks shall consist of one common written test of MCQ
  • The minimum eligibility marks of the entrance for admission in the case of general candidates shall be fifty percent of the total marks.
  • The sponsored candidates shall also be required to possess the percentage of marks specified sub-regulations except foreign nationals.
  • Reservation for all categories shall be applicable as per State Government / Central Government policy.
  • Change of subject shall be permissible within a period of two months from the date of admission, subject to availability of vacancy and guide in the concerned Department. (http://www.ccimindia.org/ayurveda-pg-reg.php)