31 Oct 2022

Koti Kanta Gayana

The Department of Kannada and Traditional Culture has launched a project named ‘Namma Nadu NammaHaadu’ to sing poems written by the proud poets of our country, which creates pride and respect for our heritage. And under the direction of the Udupi District Health and Family Welfare Department, the ‘KotiKanthaGayana program was organized by the organization of Ratnashree on the premises of RatnashreeArogyadhama. It was organized at 11.00 am

In the program, the principal of the institution, Dr. Mamata K.V., S.D.M., Deputy Medical Superintendent of Ayurveda Hospital, Dr. Deepak S.M., Head of the Postgraduate Department Dr. Niranjan Rao, Student Welfare Officer,Dr. Veerakumar K. S.D.M. The director of the pharmacy Dr. MuralidharBallal and the organizer of the cultural department of the organization Dr. Vijayendra G. Bhat, doctors of the institute, postgraduate doctors, students, and staff of hospital, research center, and dispensary around 300 members participated.

Final year student Srinidhi welcomed and narrated the program. Everyone together sang all the 5 songs directed by the department starting with the hymn. The hospital premises were decorated with red and colors. The 30-minute program concluded with the teaching of Sankalpa rites and salutations.