31 Jul 2019

‘Vanamahotsava Saptaaha at SDM Ayurveda Udupi’

In earnest attempt to maintain the plant species in herb garden of the college and sensitize the students about their role in conserving it  SriDharmasthalaManjunatheshwara College Of Ayurveda And Hospital, Udupi celebrated Vanmahotsava Sapthaha  -2019 from 15/07/2019 to 20/07/2019 which wasorganised by Herb Garden committee  of the college in collaboration with Department of PG and PhD studies in DravyagunaVijnana and NSS Unit.

The celebration was an ideal opportunity to instil the value of social responsibility in the students regarding cultivation and safeguarding of the medicinal plants. Both UG and PG students participated in plantation programme where in different types of medicinal plants like Nirgundi(Vitexnegundo), Agnimantha (Premnaintegrifolia), Tarkari (Clerodendrumphlomidis), Japa (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Madayantika (Lawsoniainermis), Vasa (Adhatodavasica),Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum ), Apamarga (Achyranthesaspera), Eranda (Ricinuscommunis), Bilva  (Aeglemarmelos), KootaShalmali (Bombaxceiba), Amra  (Mangiferaindica), Jambu (Eugenia jambolana), Shaaka (Tectonagrandis) ,Ashoka(Saracaasoca) where planted by Dr.Shrikant P. Prof & Head department of DravyagunaVijnana  along with the other dignitaries of the college. Total around 300 plants were planted in different areas of herbal garden.

Organised guest lecture on 19th July, guest speaker – MrUday Kumar Shetty, Supervisor, Medicinal plant arboretum, Plilikula- Mangalore, enlightened the gathering with his  vast knowledge about the plants and gave lecture on “ Precious medicinal plants  and their ethno medicinal uses. President of the function Dr. Mamatha KV,Medical superintendent SDMAH, Udupi educated the audience about the necessity of cultivation of medicinal plants. Dr Suma V Mallya, Convener, Herb garden committee read a report on vanamahotsava sapthaha celebration. Dr. Vidyalakshmi, Convener, NSS Unit and Associate Prof Dept. of Samhitha and Siddhanthawelcomed the gathering. Dr Mohammed Faisal Associate Prof Dept. of DravyagunaVijnanaconcluded the program with vote of thanks.DrLekhan  PG scholar department of dravyaguna compared the event.

Vanamahotsava week came up to be great success. There was an active participation of both UG and PG students in the event.The whole program was coordinated by Dr. NivedithaShetty and DrThejaswiNaik, faculty Department of Dravyagunavijnana and Dr. Aniruddha, Dr. ShrinidhiDhanya, Dr. Saritha membersof NSS unit.