22 Nov 2023

Pravinya- workshop on Biochemistry & microbiology

Against the backdrop of laboratories assuming an increasingly critical role in healthcare, the recently concluded Workshop- PRAVINYA on Biochemistry and Microbiology, Organized by IQAC, Department of PG Studies in Roga Nidana in collaboration with SDM Centre for Research in Ayurveda and Allied Sciences at SDMCAH, Udupi 0n 17th and 18th November 2023, emerges as a pivotal milestone. The unique significance of this workshop lies not only in equipping professionals with essential knowledge and practical skills but also in its forward-thinking approach to incorporating biochemistry and microbiology into the evolving curriculum. This strategic alignment addresses the contemporary demands of the clinical laboratory landscape, ensuring professionals are adept at navigating the intersection of traditional Ayurvedic science and modern diagnostic methodologies.

The workshop’s first day, inaugurated by Dr. Mamatha KV and attended by esteemed dignitaries, set the tone for an enriching exploration into critical laboratory practices. Delivered by industry experts like Mr. Pavan MSc and Mr. Naveen Chandra NH, sessions delved into topics such as quality control, preanalytical errors, and total quality management. The second day witnessed an in-depth focus on culture media operations, nutrient agar, and antibiotic sensitivity testing. Microbiology sessions were conducted by Smt. Anita Kini, a senior microbiologist, adding depth and expertise to the workshops coverage of microbiology practices. By incorporating biochemistry and microbiology into the curriculum, the workshop not only enhances the skills of laboratory professionals but also contributes significantly to validating the role of Ayurvedic science in the contemporary healthcare landscape.

The valedictory ceremony, graced by luminaries such as Dr. Mamatha KV, Dr. Nagraj S, Dr.Gopikrishna, Dr. Veera Kumar and Dr. Ashok not only marked the successful conclusion of the workshop but also highlighted the transformative impact of incorporating diverse scientific disciplines into laboratory education. Dr.Gopikrishna, Professor and HOD department of Roganidana, Guru Gorakshanath college of Ayurveda Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh, concise on the topic of kriyakala in relation to biochemistry & microbiology promoting the synergism of Roganidana & contemporary science. More than 50 delegates across Karnataka, including faculties, PG, and Ph.D. scholars, actively participated in the workshop, attesting to its broad appeal and the growing recognition of the need for interdisciplinary skills in the healthcare sector. As laboratories continue to evolve as hubs of innovation and diagnostics, this workshop’s pioneering approach underscores the crucial interplay between traditional wisdom and modern scientific methodologies in shaping the future of healthcare.