Eye Check Up Camp

Free Eye Check Up camp was held on Saturday, 07-10- 2017, by the department of Shalakya tantra. More than sixty patients participated and received treatment at discount rate and free eye check up. The hospital's chief superintendent Dr. Muralidhar Sharma said diseases related to eye, nose, mouth, throat and ear and its treatments are wxaplained in detail in Sushruta samhita. Some of the classical treatments available in the NIMI section of the Hospital which will benefit the patients. Head of the Shalakya tantra Division and Ayurveda Ophthalmologist Dr. Sapna Dinesh Bhandari, said the camp was being held on the first Saturday of every month, for about nine months and that the public could get the benefits of this camp in the future. Eye specialist Dr. Gayatri Hegde and Dr. Chaitra S. Hebbar were present. Hospital Manager Mr. C. Srinivasa Hegde and the internees helped organizing the camp.